Window Styles in Mandeville LA

Window styles Mandeville LA

Buying new windows for your Mandeville home can be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, local window installation companies can help you find the right style(s) to suit your needs.

Vinyl windows used to have a reputation of being bland and ugly, but 21st century vinyl designs are absolutely stunning! Bland is out, and authentic is in. A popular design trend is to use contour grid textures that look like they came straight from the sawmill.


Vinyl windows are a great choice for homes with simple aesthetics, as they’re affordable and low-maintenance. They also provide a good level of insulation, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Double and triple-pane windows provide improved thermal performance, keeping your home more comfortable and lowering energy costs. They’re available in a wide range of stylish colors, including brown frames that pair well with brick and black frames that contrast white homes. Choose from a variety of options that include custom grilles and unique window shapes. These windows add value and character to your home. They’re especially effective for craftsman and traditional homes.


Adding a touch of beauty and elegance to a house, wood windows can complement any architectural style. They are also highly energy-efficient and provide superior insulating properties.

They’re available in many styles including double- and triple-pane options that offer greater efficiency. They can help you lower your energy bills and stay comfortable in Mandeville’s warm climate.

Other options include Jalousie windows, which open with glass slats that look like blinds, and skylight windows for stargazing. You can further customize them with various muntin configurations and hardware.

To make sense of the smorgasbord of options, work with a company that specializes in local window replacement. They’ll have a wealth of knowledge about the local climate and homeowners’ needs.


Aluminum framed windows are well-suited for modern contemporary home design projects. They are also suitable for historic structures and can be artfully integrated to preserve the architectural integrity of the building while delivering modern comfort and energy efficiency.

One of the advantages of aluminum is that it allows for larger glass sizes and thinner frames than vinyl or wood. The resulting window has an angular look that enhances modern and contemporary style homes.

Popular with new extensions and modern homes are large panoramic or floor-to-ceiling aluminium windows. These can be supplied up to maximum glass sizes and rely on a more technical or skilled installer than standard designs.


Fiberglass is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of window styles. It is made from glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix and is more flexible than solid glass.

Fiberglass windows are resistant to rot, mold and moisture. They are also able to withstand high winds without warping or swelling. This makes them a popular choice for homes located on the water.

They can be fabricated to include double or triple-pane sashes, making them more energy efficient. Many homeowners also choose these windows because they are resistant to rust, corrosion and pests. They are also easy to maintain. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Composite Materials

The latest window trend is composite materials, made of a blend of substances that make them long-lasting and energy efficient. They are resistant to rotting, mold and mildew and do not require constant staining or painting.

They are also twice as strong as vinyl and have lower expansion and contraction rates to prevent warping. Fibrex material combines wood fibers and thermoplastic polymers to create a strong, durable frame that insulates well.

Another option is clad-wood windows, which feature wood interiors and aluminum or vinyl exteriors to reduce maintenance. These can be painted to match your style. Double and triple-pane options offer increased insulation and thermal performance.


Few products span as broad a range of architectural styles as steel windows. From Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired factory-style floor-to-ceiling collections of panes to modern minimalist designs, these windows offer slender sight lines that blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

Steel frames are also durable, providing a sturdy barrier against harsh weather conditions. And unlike wood, they don’t contract and expand with changing temperatures, which makes them a good choice for cold climates.

Specialized windows include bay and bow window types that protrude from the wall, allowing you to enjoy impressive views and a flood of natural light. Jalousie windows feature glass slats that open like a set of blinds, and skylight windows can be installed in the ceiling.

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