Patio Doors in Mandeville LA

Patio Doors in Mandeville LA

Welcome the outdoors in with beautiful, energy-efficient patio doors. These doors feature expansive glass panels that flood any room with natural light. The clean, sleek aluminum frames complement both traditional and contemporary home styles.

Patio doors can completely transform indoor spaces. Enjoy unobstructed views of your backyard oasis or city skyline. The doors slide open smoothly on their tracks to create a wide opening that blurs the line between interior and exterior. Entertain guests with direct backyard access. Let fresh air and sunlight fill your home.

Available in a range of standard and custom sizes, these patio doors can be installed in nearly any room. Consult with one of our experts to find the perfect fit for your home. We provide professional measurement and installation services to ensure proper fit and operation.

Made by a leading manufacturer, the doors are rigorously tested for durability, security, and energy efficiency. Advanced glazing blocks UV rays and improves insulation. Adjustable screens keep out bugs for carefree ventilation. Experience the advantages of low-maintenance, energy-saving patio doors. Start your project today

The Top Security Options for Patio Doors in Mandeville

Patio doors are a gorgeous way to welcome natural light and outdoor views into your Mandeville home. However, the large expanses of glass can also pose security risks if the proper precautions aren’t taken. At Mandeville Window Replacement, we want to make sure your new patio doors keep your family, home, and belongings safe and secure. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best security features available for patio doors today.

Reinforced Door Frames

A sturdy, reinforced frame is the foundation of a secure patio door. Metal internal reinforcements add strength and durability to the frame, helping to prevent forced entry. Opt for thermally broken aluminum frames with internal steel reinforcements for the ultimate in security and energy efficiency. The strong metal frames resist prying and bending. Steel reinforcement is also available for vinyl and fiberglass door frames. The internal steel bars bolster the frame without altering the exterior appearance. Patio doors with reinforced frames can withstand a significant amount of applied force during testing.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is constructed by bonding a vinyl interlayer between two or more panes of glass under heat and pressure. If the glass breaks, the vinyl interlayer holds the shards in place, preventing the window from shattering. Laminated glass provides critical delay time against forced entry. The glass cracks but remains intact even under heavy blows from hammers or other tools. This deters and slows down intruders. Laminated glass also dampens outside noise and blocks 99% of UV rays. When shopping for patio doors, look for units with laminated glass built directly into the construction. This exceeds the security of films and coatings applied after manufacturing.

High-Quality Locking Mechanisms

Your first line of defense is a sturdy, complex lock installed on the operating door panel. Look for lock designs specifically engineered for patio doors, not standard handles retrofitted from casement windows. Multi-point locking systems engage multiple steel latches at the head, sill, and jamb to provide full perimeter security. These systems tightly press the door into the weatherstripped frame to form a solid barrier. Keyed locks supply an added layer of protection. For quick locking from indoors, opt for flush-mounted interior thumbturn locks. Supplement with heavy-duty deadbolts on the inactive door panel for even greater security.

Alarms and Sensors

Today's smart home security systems integrate seamlessly with patio doors. Glass break sensors and door contact sensors alert homeowners to any breaches, like glass shattering or a panel being forced open. Wireless systems with adhesive contacts install in minutes with no wiring or drilling required. Battery operated sensors transmit signals to the control panel if disturbed. Monitor your patio doors anytime from smartphone apps. For a budget-friendly option, portable alarms attach directly to the sliding door's frame. When the panel is moved, a loud siren sounds to deter intruders. These alarms act as a visible deterrent as well.

Security Screens and Bars

Securing the interior is only half the battle - defending the exterior is critical as well. Security screens act as protective shields, preventing direct contact with the glass. Heavy-duty aluminum mesh screens slide in tracks to completely cover the door. The dense mesh prevents prying tools from slipping between the screens and frame. The screens also keep out bugs and filter sunlight when ventilation is desired. For added protection, install removable security bars across the inactive sliding panel. Side mount or overhead crisscrossing bars block exterior access when the doors are closed. Store the bars conveniently out of sight when not needed.

Professional Door Installation

Even the most secure patio doors are only effective when properly installed. A qualified installation team will ensure the door operates smoothly, seals tightly, and engages all security features. Our patio door installers are highly experienced in enhancing security. We'll walk the perimeter of your home and make recommendations tailored to your specific needs before getting to work. Proper installation is the first step toward safety and peace of mind.

Protect Your Investment with Mandeville Window Replacement

As you can see, today’s patio doors offer numerous options for keeping your Mandeville home secure. Protect your family and belongings without sacrificing natural light and indoor-outdoor living. We carry high-quality products designed for both beauty and security.

Contact our team today to explore the patio door styles and security features that fit your priorities. We’ll help you select the optimal components to safeguard your home for years to come. Invest in patio doors designed to withstand the threat of forced entry. With the right combination of reinforced frames, laminated glass, alarms, and professional installation, you can deter crime and sleep soundly at night.

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