Door Styles in Mandeville LA

Door styles Mandeville LA

The door is the first thing that visitors notice about your home and a great way to make a statement. From traditional to farmhouse and craftsman styles, there are many different designs for you to choose from.

There are several specialized window types, including Bay and Bow windows that protrude from the wall, Jalousie windows with glass slats that open like blinds, and Skylight windows for ceiling-level natural light.


Traditional door styles tend to lean toward a traditional, old-world look that often mixes wrought iron accenting with wood or glass. The wrought iron may be in the form of a straight, simple design or interwoven in more intricate loops and curves. Glass elements can also be set into the wrought iron in panes, grids or other patterns.

These types of doors can be used for exterior or interior use. For example, a cottage-style door with beadboard paneling and arched tops could add a charming storybook look to a bedroom or living area.

These doors are also available in other specialized shapes, such as hopper windows for basements, fixed windows that serve strictly aesthetic purposes and Jalousie windows with glass slats that open and close like blinds, perfect for Mandeville’s warm weather.


The craftsman style is a bungalow-inspired aesthetic that prioritizes practical elegance over excessive ornamentation. Originally developed in late 1800’s Great Britain, this design style was adopted by the United States at the turn of the century.

Craftsman front doors are typically made of wood (often oak or mahogany) or materials that emulate this look, like fiberglass. The natural grain and texture of these materials is showcased with a clear finish or stained color.

Glass panes are typically located on the upper one-third portion of these doors, divided by strips called muntins. This detail adds visual interest to the door, without overwhelming it with unnecessary ornamentation. Sidelites are also a common addition to craftsman style doors. These narrow windows run parallel to the main door, and are often flanked by the same trim that runs on the bottom portion of the door.


Aside from defining your style and complementing the rest of your home’s aesthetic, doors serve other functional purposes. Front doors must be tough against the elements and attractive enough to welcome guests; interior doors need to blend seamlessly into each room’s overall aesthetic and provide the right amount of privacy for each area. Good door dealers and installers will know how to select, design and install the perfect doors for your home.

Window replacement companies in Mandeville can also help you select and design windows that suit your project and budget. Specialized window types include hopper, fixed and jalousie windows (which feature glass slats that open like blinds) and skylights (installed in ceilings for stargazing). Communicating your vision to your home builder is essential.


The Romans mastered arches for structures like bridges & buildings because the design distributes weight evenly for a strong foundation. Today, these doors are a high-class choice for homes because they offer effortless appeal & gorgeous glass features that create a grand entrance.

While most farmhouses rely on horizontal siding, an arched front door adds a sense of height to the home. Here, black double doors frame a pair of windows and match the lintels above them. A rendering of the exterior shows how well the doors complement the light stucco and natural brick.

Arches look just as beautiful with a modern home. Pair them with a solid color, clean-lined windows, and polished door handles to make your house stand out on the block.

Bay & Bow

Unlike other window types that are fixed or have grids, Bow and Bay windows are angled to protrude from the wall, creating a more dramatic appearance and flood your home with light. These window configurations can transform rooms into reading nooks or cozy seating areas. Our Mandeville replacement windows experts offer bay and bow window options in wood, fiberglass or vinyl for design flexibility, durability and energy efficiency. Choosing the right window type is important for your Mandeville home and should be considered carefully with help from our team.

Bay windows feature a picture window in the center with double-hung or casement windows that open on either side. Bow windows feature four or five angled windows of varying sizes that create an elegant curved appearance on the exterior of your home.

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