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Doors are more than a style accessory; they should be tough against the elements and secure. Door dealers and installers can help Mandeville homeowners find doors that match their aesthetic, but also meet their needs. Specialty window types like hopper windows for basements, Jalousie windows with glass slats that open, and skylight windows for stargazing can also be installed by these professionals.

Window Replacement

Whether you need to replace a single window or need help designing an entire home’s worth of new doors, local window dealers and installers are there to assist. They offer a wide array of windows that suit different aesthetics and functions, from hopper and fixed windows to skylight and jalousie.

Bay and bow windows protrude from the wall, adding space to a room and flooding it with natural light. Window companies that specialize in these popular styles can expertly install them to ensure they are both beautiful and functional.

Vinyl replacement windows are popular because they require little maintenance and are available in a range of colors. They also have great insulating properties to keep your Mandeville home comfortable and energy-efficient. For a more traditional look, you can choose wood or clad-wood windows. These options come with a wood interior and aluminum or vinyl exterior for durability. They are more expensive than vinyl windows, but they add value to a home and last longer.

Bay & Bow Windows

The right windows and doors can transform your home, bringing more light, extraordinary outdoor views and extra living space. They can also add value to your property, which makes them a great investment for your next upgrade.

Bay and bow windows are a beautiful way to bring natural light into a room. They’re similar in that they both protrude from the wall, and create a spacious nook where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors. However, they differ in that bay windows have a center fixed window and two smaller window panes on either side, while bow windows have multiple windows that can be opened for ventilation.

With the help of a professional, you can customize your bay and bow windows to match your architectural style and needs. You can dress them up with a variety of grille patterns, roof options and colors. Moreover, you can use bay and bow windows to add more depth and dimension to rooms like kitchens or family rooms.

Double & Triple Pane Windows

The more layers of glass that are in a window, the better it is at insulating your home. This is why double and triple pane windows are more expensive than single-pane options, but they also offer better energy efficiency.

Energy Star-certified windows are a good choice for any homeowner looking to save on their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. Triple-pane windows, with three separate panes and a spacer filled with an insulating gas like krypton or argon, are among the most energy-efficient options available.

They help to keep indoor temperatures consistent, and they’re ideal for homes in extreme hot or cold climates. Triple-pane windows also reduce noise transmission, so they’re a smart option for homes in noisy areas. However, triple-pane windows typically cost 10-15% more than double-pane versions, and it can take several years to recoup the investment through energy savings. The type of frame you choose also has an impact on the efficiency of your windows. Vinyl and fiberglass frames are better insulators than aluminum.


When you choose to install new exterior or interior doors, you want them to be tough against the elements and easy on the eye. A faulty or mismatched door can ruin your home’s aesthetic, so it’s important to work with professionals. Door companies in Mandeville offer a variety of different styles, materials and colors to enhance your home’s appearance and protect it from weather damage.

Some popular options include vinyl siding, which is affordable and available in a variety of colors. Fiber-cement siding, such as James Hardie, looks and acts a lot like wood but is more durable in wet or humid areas. Stucco siding offers a classic look and is long-lasting if well-maintained.

Siding contractors can also help homeowners locate their property lines and mark them for fence installations. This helps avoid costly mistakes and disputes with neighbors. It’s best to have a professional land survey done for accurate results. Just answer a few questions about your project, and get matched with top-rated local pros.

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