Casement Windows – Upgrade Your Home’s Look With Casement Windows

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Windows play a vital role in the functionality and appearance of your home. You can upgrade your home’s aesthetic and make it feel more modern by replacing old windows.

Unlike sliding windows that open by moving sashes vertically or horizontally along tracks, casement windows swing open with the simple crank of a handle. They are also more secure and can be paired with safety venting limit latches to prevent children or burglars from opening them.


One of the most important features to consider when planning a window replacement project is how long your new windows will last. Window frames have to withstand the elements and weather, so you’ll want to make sure your chosen frame material is durable enough for longevity.

Unlike sliding windows that require you to move a sash up and down against gravity, casement windows open with a simple crank handle. This makes them easier to operate in hard-to-reach areas and for homeowners with limited mobility.

They also provide superior ventilation. Since they swing open like a door, they allow for unobstructed views and fresh air to fill living spaces. They’re available in a wide range of sizes to fit any space, and you can even customize them with functional muntins or non-functional mullions for a stylish design. You can also add a fanlight to help aid ventilation and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike double-hung windows that have two operating sashes that must move up and down against gravity, casement windows open with one single crank. They allow air to flow in freely, providing better ventilation.

Additionally, because they close tightly when closed, they seal in heat in the winter and prevent drafts in the summer. This can significantly reduce energy costs and help the environment.

Casement windows are also more secure than other window types. Their hinges are on the outside, so it is difficult for intruders to push them open from the inside. This feature makes them perfect for ground-floor windows in homes or buildings with a high crime rate.

Cost is a key factor in any home improvement project, and casement window prices vary. The frame material, installation costs, and other factors determine the overall price of a replacement window. The best way to learn more about the costs of installing a new window is to request price quotes from contractors.

Easy to Operate

When you choose to install casement windows in your home or business, you can rest easy knowing that they are a safe option. These window types hinge at the side or top and push outward, making them difficult to leverage and harder for burglars to open. They also feature locking points and can be paired with bars or grates for additional security.

This makes them ideal for homes and businesses that need extra ventilation, like kitchens or bedrooms. They can be used alone or combined with other window styles, such as sliding windows or bay windows.

Unlike double-hung windows, which move a sash up and down, Acclaim windows crank outward with the turn of a handle, providing full-to-bottom ventilation and ease of cleaning. State-of-the-art Truth Maxim hardware with a low-profile single-handle positive locking system offers easy operation. These windows can be opened even further when paired with awning or hopper windows. The hardware tucks inside the frame when not in use, leaving the interior space unobstructed and clean.


Casement windows open with a crank mechanism, which means they must be kept clean. Regularly wiping the frame and sash with mild soap and water is a great way to keep them looking like new, but if you need more than just a quick wipe down you should use a specialized window cleaner that can be safely used on glass.

In addition, it’s important to have your window contractor lubricate the crank periodically as well, especially if you’re using your windows regularly. This will help them to operate more smoothly and prevent any issues with the operation of your casement windows.

With their wide range of customization and functional advantages, it’s no wonder that casement windows have become a popular choice for homeowners. If you’re interested in upgrading your home with these stylish and versatile windows, be sure to contact a local window installation professional today! They can help you choose the perfect windows for your needs and budget, with a variety of options to fit any style.

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