Door Styles in Mandeville LA

Whether a homeowner finds inspiration in the timelessness of a historic home or in the essence of an exotic locale, doors are often a key ingredient to the look and feel of a house.

Doors must be tough against the elements and easy on the eyes. They also serve as the threshold to one’s privacy and comfort.


Located on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Mandeville is part of St. Tammany Parish and is just across the lake from New Orleans. This city offers a great location and many amenities for residents to enjoy.

Door dealers in Mandeville are skilled at helping homeowners find the right doors for their homes. Exterior doors need to be durable against the elements and easy on the eye, while interior doors should complement the style of each room.

Contemporary doors use on-trend materials like fiberglass and have clean lines that make properties look luxurious. Decorative crossbuck details add ornate appeal to double French doors, while rustic doors pair well with cottages and bungalows for relaxing pastoral vibes.


Modern homeowners want doors that are tough against the elements, easy on the eyes and functional for their rooms. Door dealers and installers in Mandeville LA can help homeowners choose, design and install doors that work for their homes.

For this cottage located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, designer Matthew Voelkel drew inspiration from the region’s architectural vernacular. He sourced “real deal” elements, including antique pine beams and cypress doors, to add patina and authenticity to the home’s interior. He also paired the doors with casement windows to echo the home’s silhouette on the exterior. Traditional French doors use many panes of glass that are separated by strips called muntins to create the effect of divided light, while newer types of doors are created with one large piece of glass decorated with muntins to achieve a similar look.


The Farmhouse style has become one of the most popular in America. This style is characterized by simple lines, natural wood finishes and a relaxing vibe. JELD-WEN offers a range of exterior doors to fit the Farmhouse aesthetic. These doors are durable, low maintenance and come in a variety of styles to complement any home.

For this project, architects drew inspiration from the surrounding Mandeville Canyon area. This rugged region features enviable views, demanding hiking trails and a collection of celebrity homes. The rapper Kendrick Lamar and Gwyneth Paltrow both have homes in this area.

Bring the natural beauty of real wood into the interior of your Farmhouse home with doors that feature narrow stiles and rails. Choose from a range of door sizes and glass configurations to match your Farmhouse vision. Integrate matching sidelights to make the entryway of your home feel more spacious and welcoming. Featuring the same energy efficiency as traditional windows and a variety of finishing options, these doors will complement your home and add value.


Rustic interior design draws inspiration from nature and history to create warm, welcoming homes. This style uses natural materials like raw woods and stone to create a home that feels organic and comfortable. Decorative elements often feature wrought iron accents and have a weathered appearance.

The rustic aesthetic celebrates imperfection. For example, wood tables aren’t sanded down to perfection- instead the notches and knots are kept intact for their character. Even driftwood has a natural look to it, as the broken annular rings and notches show its journey through time. Textiles also have a more natural feel, using fabrics like jute and animal hides.

Rustic doors blend well with contemporary style, as both designs utilize neutral colors and are focused on texture and earth tones. However, it’s important to avoid overusing rustic elements, as too many accoutrements can overwhelm a room. Instead, use accents such as a terrarium filled with succulents or a simple arrangement of Queen Anne’s lace to bring the rustic style to life.

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